Street-photographer going wild

I was lucky enough to go to a workshop I thought I never would. I consider myself more of a street-photographer than a naturist. What was I doing far up in the mysterious norwegian mountains of Dovre? To take photos of the musk ox? Isn’t that dangerous?

The musk ox is indeed dangerous. With a weight of 360 kilograms (800 lbs), it can (and have) kill a man. Introduced from Banks Island to the Dovre mountain range of Norway between 1947 and 1953, there are now little over 200 animals living in Norway. I meet with 4 of them over the course of two days.

I was baffled. Not afraid, because we had a really good guide/photographer that guides us to and among the animals. But I wasn’t really on my top game photography-vise. Part because og the mountains and the musk, but also partly because of me lending a 600mm f4 and a 200 – 400 mm Nikon lens. With it in my hands I was forgetting almost everything I know about photography. I shoot tight both days. Too much to tight.

At least I now know what the musk-ox says! (But what the fox say, I do not know).

Here you have a link to the sound of the musk.

But this will of course make me return. So in the words of Steve Brown;

Anything worth doing

is worth doing poorly

– until you learn

to do it well.


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