Wedding-crasher – a nice way to practice skills!

This weekend I crashed a wedding! I wanted to practice taking portraits, and thought that might be a good place. I mean there is a lot of people at a wedding, no one knows everybody, except maybe the bride and groom, but they are busy! So, chances are you will get away with it. I did! So, how did I get the idea, and more importantly, did I get away with  it?

First things first, the idea came of course from the film “Wedding crashers“. What id I would apply that to photography? Be a wedding crashing photographer?! That might be fun. So I did! Just needed to read through all the rules for being a wedding crasher, and apply them to a more photographic mind-set. For example rule #57: When seeing a rival Crasher, do not interact. Merely acknowledge each other with a tug on the earlobe and gracefully move on. So if I saw a fellow photographer, say hi and act like you belonged there.

A collection of my pictures are for sale at my 500px site.

I turned up a bit late. Just missed the ceremony, which was great really. Didn’t want to stand out. Here are the pictures I took.

Oh.. btw this whole post is just a lie. I knew the couple. Don’t hate me… 🙂


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