My daughter has taught me this. Tips on photographing children.

Try and error is the most common way of learning, at least for me. So when I write down these tips I have a big task set out before me. You won’t learn until you have failed. My writing is therefore in vain! But my hope is that you are a faster learner than I am, and that you remember these tips and return to them. In the end it’s not how you learn, it’s that you make progress!

  • How to set the technical stuff
    1. Go natural! No, not nude! Natural light is easier than using a flash (most of the times). That said, try to put your child/subject in the shadow. If you are on a beach or in harsh sunlight you really need a flash.
    2. Camera action! Children are most of all action. So make this an action-shoot! See to it that you have enough Gb on your memory card, and use the continuous setting of your camera. You know the one that makes your camera go tatatatatatata.
    3. Make it lighter! Children represent innocence, lighter pictures represent that. So overexpose about half a stop (that is what the the +/- buttom does).
    4. Bokeh it! Shallow depth of field make the child stand out.
  • How to set the scene
  1. Speak first – shoot later! Making pictures is something you like doing. It is not sure that being on the other end of the camera is what the child in mind think of as fun. So sit down and talk or interact (depending on how old the child is). You need to know them a bit, and more importantly, they need to know you.
  2. Show the child the pictures. By showing them the pictures you are making, you also turn it into a game. Maybe they give you some ideas on posing?
  3. Be concentrated! You need to always be on guard observing the scene before you. The moments worth saving are only moments and then they are gone. If you get good at it you can almost feel it when a moment worth saving is on the horizon. Then don’t click once, use the continuous mode. It doesn’t matter if you have 1,000 “worthless” pictures if you get “The One”. So maybe the say should be: “One good picture speaks more than a 1,000 uninteresting pictures”.
  4. Have fun! Do you really need me to develop on this topic? Hope not, because this is what really what make or break The One!

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