Boring trip – fun photos!

I hate to travel! No, don’t misunderstand me. I love to get to the place I am going to, but the ride there are more often than not tedious. Yes, the traveling-part is flat out boring. And when I have to do this on my own the boredom really sets in. So what can a poor boy do? Make some photos of course!

Here are four pictures I took out of the window of the train I was traveling with. How did I take them?

1. You cannot use a fast shutter speed. If you use a shutter-speed of let’s say 1/2000 you will probably not have much blur, which is what one want here. I uses 0,5 seconds on these pictures. Naturally there will a lot of blur.

2. You need to pan the camera. Normally you pan the camera when you are following something or someone in action and you follow your object with the camera. You need to do the same thing here, only that you are moving and you object isn’t. So find the spot/object that you want to have as much in focus as possible and stay with it.

3. No need to have a big aperture. As you have a slow shutter-speed you adjust the light with your aperture. I didn’t want to not blow out the sky, and ended up using f9 and f11.

Final disclaimer, there are no fancy photoshop blur added to these pictures, what you see is only the original blur!

A collection of my pictures are for sale at my 500px site.


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