What to do when in Oslo (Part 3)

The opera is maybe one of the most visited place or building in Norway and Oslo. The state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) and local tourism bureau Visit Oslo showed that the Opera House and its popular roof attracted 1.7 million visitors in 2010. When in Oslo you need to go there. Not because everyone else does, but because it’s a given place to take spectacular photos!

For the building it self they have used white marble, aluminum and glass, which are materials that invites to take great photos. They can reflect light in a pleasing way, and the location at the Oslo-fjord also gives it a great perspective, from a photographers point-of-view. The only draw-back is its popularity. There is always lots of people at and on the roof of the Opera-house, which of course makes it harder to get a picture without much visual noise. And if you wonder, yes you can walk up on the roof. The silhouette -picture below in the gallery is of a man standing on the roof, with the sunset as a backdrop. Speaking of backdrop, the Lady in red with the marble-white backdrop, is my winning picture of Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk (the local Oslo competition). It was also awarded as one of the winners worldwide.

A collection of my pictures are for sale at my 500px site.

Enjoy your trip to the Opera!


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