Where to go when in Norway?

There are of course several places one should go when one find the money to go to Norway. Maybe the one place to start is Geiranger? Voted the most beautiful by the National Geograpic Traveler. Not once, but twice!

On of the most famous fjord of the world, lies on the west coast of Norway. At the end of the fjord, you find the small village that has given the fjord its name: Geiranger. To get there you can travle over the mountains or come from the coast by a breathtaking serpentine road, Trollstigen. It will take you right on top of the mountain on a steep incline of 9%. Think Tour de France and one of the last kilometers of any mountain-stage.

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While you are in the general area, why not continue towards the coast? There you have the Atlantic Sea Road. The name itself doesn’t give away what it really is: a miniature High Way 1. You are really close to the sea, traveling between several islands. Small fishing-villages lead the way, and the photographic moments are not few. We stayed in Molde one night, and I made the phot “Molde by dawn” from the hotel-window.

Molde by dawn - (c) Johan Conradson

Molde by dawn – (c) Johan Conradson

Speaking of dawn. It comes early in the summer, and you need to stay up late to see the sunset. But when it comes it is worth the wait. There is of course several places to visit when (not if) you come to Norway. This is just the beginning!

Dawn in Norway - (c) Johan Conradson

Sunset in Norway – (c) Johan Conradson


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