Decision-time! What gear to bring on a holiday? Also, tips on underwater-photography.

With still some time until a week in the sun, I have enough time to make an important decision. What photo-gear should I bring with me? Do I really need my big, heavy D3S? No, not really. The best camera is the one you have with you, and I have no intention to bring that camera with me in the water playing with my daughter. I have no intention to have it at the beach. So, do I need a new, lighter, waterproof camera?

Maybe the iPhone is enough? It is a pretty good camera. I used my iPhone to take the picture featuring this post. But when it comes to (under)water pictures, I rather not make a fool out of me destroying it. So, the iPhone is out! I will still bring it, and will most likely use it to make short movies. It is good to send post-card with too. There is no need to use hours of finding the right post-card, not to say finding stamps.

A collection of my pictures are for sale at my 500px site.

I did some research on line, and I made my way to the store today. Yes, I still think some thing are better if you can see feel and try it out first!

At the store I tried out the Nikon 1 J3. I thought it was a good enough camera. At the store they said it had the same quality as the Nikon 1 V2, just a little more awkward when it came to using the manual-mode. But it also has a waterproof housing made especially for it. It has raw-format ability. HD-video. Changeable lenses.

So it made the cut.

Now to the important part. The one that you really need to take with you, if you want to make good pictures. No matter what camera you bring, this is true every time. It’s also very cheap, actually it is free. Because no matter what camera you make your pictures with the ordinary photography-rules still apply! In or out of the water. So here goes:

  • Get closer! (Unless you are in the water and you meet a shark, then swim and pray you are not the prey)
  • Show some scale! (Especially if you want to show thing that people really don’t know the size of. Use something they do know the size of.)
  • Composition matters! (You need to guide the viewers eyes through the picture. The right use of the golden rule and lines etc really makes a difference.)

Now to some underwater tips.

Use the camera’s underwater mode! (The light underwater isn’t the same as above. It’s not sure your eyes will see it, but the camera will. So if you have an underwater-mode, use it!)

Use flash if you go deep! (There isn’t as much light under water. You need to use the flash.)

Stay tuned to see what kind of photos I got.


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